At the heart of San Rafael, First Presbyterian Church is a vibrant and inclusive community growing together in faith, hope, and love. We humbly seek to understand and respond creatively to the needs of our brothers and sisters here in our city, in Marin County and throughout the world. We are what some may call a “progressive church” – we seek to extend hospitality and love to everyone. On the corner of 5th and E since 1869, this church cares for our members and the greater Marin community, particularly those who are under-served by our society. Our passion for service arises from  our love of God and our desire to respond in gratitude by serving the world.


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At FPCSR, we offer a variety of worship opportunities including an 8:30 am Contemplative Service  and a 10:00 am Lively Traditional Service each Sunday, and on the third Sunday of each month there is 5:00 pm SoulSong, Taizé Candlelight Healing Service


We encourage people to engage in spiritual formation for it is in receiving the creative love of God that we are empowered to share that love with others. We come together as a community of faith in worship on Sundays, and many of us meditate during the week. 


Come join us and get involved! There are many friends of FPCSR who join us for companionship and service. Come get refreshed at our services and come serve

with us! 

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Founded in 1869, First Presbyterian Church is centrally located at 5th and E in downtown San Rafael in Marin County. Since the early 1890’s, FPCSR has been active in social justice issues such as integration and advocacy for our immigrant populations, affordable housing and homelessness; we are a founding member of the REST emergency shelter. In recent years, we have launched service programs for disadvantaged children and youth.


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