This large worship space seats up to 300. It has a piano and a high-quality audiovisual system, which includes multiple wired and wireless microphones, projector and large wide-format screen. Use of the room includes up to 300 cushioned upholstered chairs that can be placed in any configuration, as well as a variety of tables. It has dimmable chandeliers, a marble tile floor and beautiful stained-glass windows which surround the room. There is central heat, but no a/c. Total square footage is 5,325. Large handicapped-accessible restrooms are located just down the hall. Typical uses of this space include: memorial services, musical performances, lectures, community events such as round table discussions & workshops, and film viewings. Rental rate is $100 per hour, and a staff member is required to be on site during events, at $25 per hour. Staff time to set up for an event may be available at an additional charge of $20.00/hour. 



This large fellowship hall is ideal for hosting events where food is served, since it is connected to the kitchen (additional charge). The capacity is up to 120 at tables and 200 in rows. Equipment available includes 15 round 5-foot tables; 10 rectangular 4 x 2 foot banquet tables; up to 120 folding metal chairs, a small portable PA system with one wireless microphone & one lapel microphone, a projector and a wide-format screen. The room is approximately 2,100 square feet, 36 x 60. There are cadet wall heaters, but no a/c. Large handicapped accessible restrooms are located directly adjacent to this room. Typical uses of this space include fundraisers, employee retreats/training, community workshops, charity events, nonprofit meetings and celebrations, and memorial receptions. Rental rate is $100 per hour including use of the kitchen, or $50 per hour without the kitchen.


This smaller worship room has a more intimate feel and ambiance. It has carpeted floors and a beautiful stained glass window. The room capacity is up to 50 persons (40 at tables and 50 seated in rows), but is ideal for the 30-40 range. Equipment available includes cushioned upholstered chairs, a small portable PA system (although usually not needed in this room), a basic projector and a wide-format screen and a piano. The room has central heat but no a/c. Large handicapped accessible restrooms are located directly adjacent to this room.  Typical uses of this space include classes, meetings, seminars, small memorial gatherings, lectures, and meditation groups. Rental rate is $50 per hour for a one-time event; a series of meetings is $30 per hour.



This room is located on our upper level and is only accessible by climbing stairs. It includes the use of a sink and microwave and seats up to 30 people.  It is ideal for small, quiet classes and gatherings. There are cadet wall heaters, but no a/c. Men’s and women’s restrooms are just outside the room. Available equipment includes an easel, 8 – 4 x 2 foot tables, and 16 cushioned chairs. Rental rate is $25 per hour. 


This 600 square foot room is can be used for classes or support group meetings.

The room is currently configured as a classroom with several 4 x 2 foot tables and chairs for about 20. However, tables and chairs can be moved around to accommodate up to 30 people seated in rows or in a circle. The room has a private entrance, 30 chairs, a sink area for preparing coffee & tea, and a single unisex restroom is located down the hall.  This room also features a good quality projector and screen, as well as two large white boards. There are cadet wall heaters, but no a/c. Rental rate is $20 per hour.


This small, 300 square foot room is primarily used for weekly support group meetings. The capacity is 20 persons. It is a no-frills space that includes a private entrance, use of 20 folding metal chairs, a kitchenette area for preparing coffee & tea, and a single unisex restroom. There are cadet wall heaters, but no a/c. Rental rate is $20 per hour. 



General Policy: The church facilities are available for nonprofit religious, cultural, educational and social programs that are comparable with the tenants of the Presbyterian Church and the regulations of the church’s management commission. 


Insurance Required: All organizations and individuals using the church facilities are required to provide a certificate of public liability insurance in the amount of no less than $1 million and are requested to make a payment to the church for facilities upkeep, utilities, equipment use, and servicing labor. Event insurance is generally available through your organization’s liability insurance or homeowner's coverage, or can be quoted and purchased on this website, among others. 


Facility Use Agreement: Renters must be willing to sign a hold harmless Facility Use Agreement assuming all risks for loss, damage, liability, injury, cost and expense and release First Presbyterian from any loss, claim, liabilities, damages and/or injuries to persons and property that in any way may be caused by or during applicant’s use or occupancy.


Rent: All rentals require a 1.5 hour minimum. In calculating your rental fee, include time required to set up, conduct your program, and clean up afterward.

For one-time events a rental deposit is required to hold the reservation at the time of booking and the final rental payment is due two weeks before the event. 

Monthly rent is due on the first of each month.


Security Deposit: In addition to the rental fee a security deposit is required for all rentals. Assuming no damage occurs and the room is left as it was found, the deposit is fully refundable.


Room Set-Up: For an additional fee ($30.00/hour, one hour minimum) rooms may be set up by the custodian for a particular usage, (this is contingent on the custodian’s availability based on the time of the event), otherwise renters are required to return rooms to their original table and chair configuration.


Regularly recurring rentals:  Regularly recurring rentals such as weekly meetings & classes, are subject to limited availability and may be negotiated at a somewhat lower rate which requires church management approval. Monthly rent is based on the hourly fee and the average number of hours per month the rental space is used.

If use of space occurs more than once per week, the renter must be approved and/or apply for Marin County Welfare Exempt (non-profit status).

Parking: Parking is not available to renters during business hours though our small parking lot may be used for loading and unloading supplies.  During off hours, renters may park in spaces labeled “Church Parking” and no others unless specific permission is granted before event.  Plenty of free 2 hour street parking is available in the immediate area and the free 2 hour Mission Avenue lot is directly adjacent to our property. A San Rafael parking map can be found here.


Kitchen Rules: Kitchen rental includes use of pitchers and stoves, but does not include use of chinaware or silverware.  User must provide their own dishes, silverware, and paper products.  Dishwasher is not available.  User must leave kitchen in the exact condition in which it was found.  If items are moved, they must be returned to their original location.  If stoves and/or ovens are used, they must be cleaned after use.  All trash must be removed entirely from the premises.  No food may be left in the refrigerator or freezer.  User agrees to obey rules/procedures that are clearly posted in the kitchen.


Alcohol Use: Serving of alcoholic beverages (including wine and beer) must be specified in the renter’s liability insurance coverage.  Additionally, if alcoholic beverages are being sold (such as at a fundraising event), the renter needs to either hire a licensed bartender or acquire a liquor license from ABC Licensing of CA: Link can be found here.

There are no exceptions to this rule.


Please contact the church office for more information or to check availability, 415-456-6760, apope@fpcsr.org, or office@fpcsr.org.

To get a faster response, please email to both addresses.

(Rental Rates and Room Capacities can be found on the RENTALS drop down menu.)